Cost** (including tax)

New Client Rates
One Private Session* $60.00
Five Private Sessions Package* $300 ($60 per session)
Ten Private Sessions Package* $550 ($55 per session)
Regular Rates
One Private Session $75
Five Private Sessions Package* $350 ($70 per session)
Ten Private Sessions Package* $650 ($65 per session)
Semi-Private $40-$50 per student depending on student´s level of independence.
Student Rate College ID required or Parental Permission for High School Students. Call for rates.

* Limit of one new client rate per customer
** Rates subject to change at any time

It is strongly recommended that beginning clients take 10 private lessons. After these beginning sessions, we can evaluate your current level of expertise and decide where to progress from there.

Private Sessions
The first time I meet with you regardless of your level of experience, I will perform an assessment created by Polestar Pilates. This assessment helps me design a personalized program of exercise that meets your needs. With each session you will become more aware of your posture and alignment, your breathing, and how your body moves through space. The exercises will become more challenging as you grow stronger and more confident in following the principles of Pilates.

Semi-Private Sessions
Semi-private sessions means that you have progressed to a more independent workout and can proceed in your individualized program under the guidance of a teacher while another client is practicing.

Duos & Trios are available in relation to your experience and progress.

• 5 session packages expire in 6 months.
• 10 session packages expire in 6 months.

Kim Taylor Pilates accepts checks and cash only. Please note, there is a 24 hour cancellation policy. If you don't cancel within 24 hours of the session, the full session fee will be charged. You can cancel once per year for any reason without being charged.